Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameHong Xue Date of BirthFeb.25 1956   
SexMale  Degreebachelor's 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleSenior Engineer 
Tel  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Electron Beam Lithographic Technology
Micro-nano Fabrication Technology
Development of special microelectronic equipment
Automation , Electron Technologe
Education and Work Experiences:Farm on The Wenquan Commune Haidian district Beijing, during March 1975 to February 1978.

Study on the Department of Electrical Engineering Tongji University, during February 1978 to January 1982.

Work on the Beijing Fifths Institute Ministry of Nuclear Industry, during January 1982 to September 1985.

Work on the Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of sciences since September 1985.
Projects:National Key Technologies important R&D projects, Study on DJ2 variable-shaped electron beam lithographic machine, during the period of 7th Five-Year Plans,
The important R&D projects of CAS, Study on Sub-micron electron beam lithography system, during the period of the 8th Five-Year Plan.

The important R&D projects of CAS, Study on 0.1 micron EB lithography system., during the period of the 9th Five-Year Plan.

The important intellectual innovation projects of CAS, Study on Nano Electron Beam Projection lithographic system and Study on Practical Application of Nano electron Beam lithographic system.