Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameJunbiao Liu Date of Birth1974.4   
SexMale  DegreeDoctor 
Place of BirthFujian,China  Professional Titleassistant Professor 
Tel86-10-82547184  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:the E-beam lithography, precision stage, piezo-electrical actuator and micro power generator
Projects:Finished Projects
1. The Commercialization of nano- e-beam lithography system. Knowledge Innovation Engineering of Chinese Academy of Science, Grant No.KGCX 1£­Y£­8.2002-2005.
In progress
1. Research on A Spherical Motor Driven by Several Piezo-impact drive mechanisms in Parallel. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant No. 50607018. 2007.1¡ª2009.12.
2. Research on Piezo micro power generator with more modes base on ZnO film. Director Fund Projects, 2008.1-200.9.12.

3. New type Braille printer. National Key Technology R&D Program.2008.1-2010.12.
Main Achievements:received the B.S. degree in mechanical engineering in 1995 and the M.S. degree in 1995, both from the FuZhou University , FuJian, China, and the Ph.D degree in mechanical engineering from the University of NanJing Aeronautics& Astronautics in JiangSu, China, 2002, as a postdoctor stayed in Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Science from 2002-2004 .
Awards:1.finished three E-beam lithography systems;
2.a precision stage with piezo-motor driven is made;
3. A Spherical Motor Driven by Several Piezo-impact drive mechanisms in Parallel is made
4. A stuedent get doctor degree, and two stuedents get master degree
Publications:1. Liu junbiao, Huan gweiqing, Zhao chunsheng. A New Type Linear Ultrasonic Motor With Two Degrees of Freedom Motion. the first ASIA-Pacific Workshop on Smart Material & Structures£¬2001,5,28-29.
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