Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameXin Li Date of Birth   
SexMale  DegreeDoctor 
Place of BirthShandong  Professional TitleAssociate researcher 
Tel86-10-82547036  Administrative Title 
Other Title:Reviewer of Solar energy, Energy, Acta Energiae Solaris Sinica, Proceeding of the CSEE
Research Directions:1.Solar thermal power system
2.Solar Receiver and thermal storage
3.Heat transfer and Fluid dynamics
4.Solar Thermal Technology
Education and Work Experiences:PH.D. (Engineering Thermophysics), Zhejiang University, 1999.9~2003.3
M.E. (Thermal Engineering), Harbin Institute of Technology, 1997.9~1999.7
B.E. (Thermal Engineering), Shandong University of Technology, 1993.9~1997.7
Projects:1. 2003.1-2006.12. The Research on the key Technology of Dish/Stirling Solar Thermal Power System and System Demonstration. Grant No. 2003AA516020. Funded by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. 863project. Key member.
2. 2006.6~2007.12. Design Technology of Solar Tower Power System. Funded by Chinese Academy of Sciences. Key member.
3. 2006.12~2010.12. The Research and demonstration of High Reliable Heat Absorbing, Transfer, and Storage System. Grant No. 2006AA010503. Funded by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. 863 key project. Principal.
4. 2007.3~2010.12. The Study on the Thermal System in the Solar Tower Power. Grant No. D07080600600704. Funded by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Principal.
5. 2008.10~2010.12. The Study on the Safty of Receiver. Funded by Chinese Academy of Sceiences. Principal.
6. 2008.10~2010.12. Research on the Key Technology of Solar Fluidized Bed Receiver and Thermal Storage. Grant No. 2008AA05Z418. Funded by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. 863 project. Vice principal.
Publications:1.Xin Li, Zhifeng Wang, Jian Yu, Xiaobing Liu, Jian Li, Xiaona SongThe Power Performance Experiment of Dish-stirling Solar Thermal Power System. ISES Solar World Congress 2007, P1858-1862
2.Xin Li, Zhifeng Wang, Meimei Zhang, Chun Chang . The Experimental Analysis on Thermal Performance of a Solar Dish Concentrator. ISES Solar World Congress 2007, P664-670
3.Li Xin, Li Bin, Zang Chuncheng, Zheng Fei and Li Anding. Dish/Stirling Solar Power System Design and Analysis. 2nd International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference. 2004, Providence, RI, USA.
4. LI Xin, LI An-Ding, LI Bin, Zheng Fei. Economic Analysis of Dish/Stirling Solar Power System. Zhongguo Dianji Gongcheng Xuebao/Proceedings of the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering, v 25, n 12, Jun 16, 2005, p 108-111
5. LI Xin, LI Bin, Zhang Chuncheng, Zheng Fei, LI Anding. Dish/stirling Solar Power System Design. Part I: The Mathematical Model for Concentrator Design. 2004, (4): 21-24
6. LI Xin, LI Anding, LI Bin, Yang Peiyao, Zang Chuncheng, Zheng Fei. Status and prospects for solar hydrogen production from water. Taiyangneng Xuebao/Acta Energiae Solaris Sinica, 2005, 26(1) : 127-133