Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameYinming Dai Date of Birth1965.5   
SexMale  DegreeMaster 
Place of BirthShandong  Professional TitleAssociate Professor  
Tel86-10-82547161  Administrative Title 
Fax86-10-82547137  E-mail 
Research Directions:Superconducting Magnet Technology
Education and Work Experiences:Graduated from Sichuan University, 1986;
Graduated from Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Master of Eng., 1989;
1989.3- Employed in the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.
The research work include:
Superconducting High Gradient Magnetic Separation for Coal Desulfurization, Kaolin Clay Purification and Water Polution Control, etc.
Development of Conduction-cooled Superconducting Magnet Technology;
Development of High Field Superconducting Magnet System and its Applications;
Projects:Development of 10T Helium free Superconducting Magnet system;
Development of HTS superconducting Magnet system for HGMS;
Development of conduction-cooled superconducting Magnet System for Gyrotron.
Main Achievements:An Industrial Superconducting High Gradient Magnetic Separator;
Conduction-cooled Superconducting Magnet System for Magnetic Field Applications
Publications:Published 20 papers during recent five years.