Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameGuobiao Gu Date of Birth   
SexMale  Degree 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleProfessor 
Tel62646803 or 62622056  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Prof. Gu has been engaging in the development of the new evaporative cooling technology of large generator for a long term. The evaporative cooling technology in normal temperature (60 ¡æ about) was independently innovated and the self circulating evaporative cooling system without pump has been applied in hydro-generators. He has researched the heat transfer characteristics of all kinds of coolant in the condition of two-phase boiling¡¢the physical and chemical characteristic and electric insulation characteristic. He has combined the subject of generator with that of the heat transfer in boiling two-phase fluid and a cross subject design theory system has been shaped.

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Projects:Now Prof. Gu is undertaking "the eleventh five-year plan" national technical department support project - 700MW evaporative cooling water hydro-generator of Three Gorges¡¯ underground workshop and other vertically and horizontally scientific research projects.
Main Achievements:1. Innovative research and development of new evaporative cooling technology for large-scale hydro-generator.
2. Innovative research and development of evaporative cooling technology for turbo-generator.
3. Prof. Gu introduced evaporative cooling technology on other electrical equipment.
4. Prof. Gu joined two phase boiling heat transfer discipline with electrical discipline (electrical machinery, electrical apparatus, power electronics, high voltage technology) and developed new interdisciplinary.
Awards:Prof.Gu is the awardee of the following prizes and awards: an award from National Science and Technology Conference (in 1978), two 2ndª²Class Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award (in 1988 and 2002), two 1st Class Prize of CAS Science and Technology Progress Award (1987 and 2000), Holeung Ho Lee Prize of Science and Technology Achievement (2005).
Publications:Prof.Gu published over seventy papers and presented five reports on international conferences. Prof. Gu compiled 1 monograph cooperatively. 27 invention patent applications have been accepted and 4 of them are obtained as national invention patents.