Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameYin Bohua Date of Birth1973.8   
Sex  DegreeMaster 
Place of BirthTianjin  Professional TitleEngineer 
Tel008610-82547175  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:E-beam lithography system R&D and relative control system technology
Education and Work Experiences:Bachelor: 1992.8-1996.7 Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
1996.8-1999.10 China Precision Engineering Institute for Aircraft Industry. Focus in ultra precision engineering R&D.
Master: 2000.8-2003.7 Institute of Laser Engineering, Beijing University of Technology,
2003.8- : Institute of Electrical Engineering, Electron Beam Lithographic Technology. I interested in researching on E-beam lithography system and fast scan AFM system.
Projects:2003-2005: Participate in nano lithography system R&D, finished a set of control system for precision stage including hardware design and embedded software.
2004-2007: participate in nano pattern generator hardware design and testing.
2006-2008: participate in a project of 3D operation system in nanoscale used in biomedicine, mainly deal with hardware design and system integration.
Publications:1: Stage Control System in the E-Beam Lithography System; Modular Machine Tool & Automatic Manufacturing Technique, Vol. 2005.2
2: E-beam lithography position error correction system base on CPLD and high precision DA modules. 2005 13th National Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Proceedings
3: Real-Time Display System Design for E-beam Lithography Process; Industrial Control Computer, Vol.2004.08