Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameQuan Ren Date of Birth1975/11   
SexMale  DegreeAssistant professor 
Place of BirthDa Tong in Shan Xi  Professional Title 
Tel010-82547177  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Bio-MEMS/NEMS
Biological and chemical sensors
Education and Work Experiences:2008/05£­2009/05 Visiting scholar, Durham University, U.K.
2006/07£­2008/05 Assistant Professor, IEE, CAS
2002/03£­2006/07 Ph.D. Institute of Mechanics, CAS
1999/09£­2002/03 M.S. Dalian University of Technology
1994/09£­1999/07 B.S. Taiyuan University of Technology
Main Achievements:The biosensors based on AFM
Awards:2006/03 ”°Liu Yong Lin scholarship of CAS”±