Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameZhengang Liu Date of Birth   
SexMale  DegreePhD 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleSenior Engineer 
Tel86-10-82547044  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:High-performance Photovaltic Cell
Education and Work Experiences:July 2008-now Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences

June 2005 - June 2008 Engineer in R£¦D Promotion Division of Haier Group In charge of national projects in new energy fieldJuly

2003 - June 2005 Postdoctor in photoelectric device and material science Preparation of photoelectric materials and electric organic light emitting devicesSchool of Physics, Peking University, China

Sept.1998 - July 2003 PhD in inorganic non-metal materials Preparation and property research of III-V semiconductor nanocrystals School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shandong University, China

Sept. 1994 - Jul. 1998 Bachelor of Science Department of Chemistry Qufu Normal University, China
Projects:The second class ¡°China Postdoctoral Science Foundation¡± - ¡°Study of red non-doped OLED by using PPV as hole transporting material¡± (2004)
Key member of national 863 project ¡°Key Technology Research of Gas Heat Pump¡±(2006)
Key member of Qingdao Bureau of Information Industry Project ¡°Research and Application of No-lead Soldering Technology¡±. (2007)
Main Achievements:GaP, InP and AlN nanocrystals were successfully prepared by different synthesis routes and the properties of these III-V group semiconductors were deeply investigated.The undoped red organic light-emitting diode(OLED) using PPV as a hole transporting material. The concentration quenching of red-emitting materials is reduced greatly in this structure, and the OLED shows pure and stable red luminescence to the driving voltages.
Publications:1.Zhengang Liu, Zhijian Chen and Qihuang gong, Reduction of the concentration quenching in a nondoped DCM OLED. Chin. Phys. Lett. 22 (2005)15362.
2.Zhengang Liu, Chunling Liu, Quanshui Li, Zhijian Chen, Qihuang Gong, Preparation, characterization and nonlinear optical properties of colloidal gallium arsenide nanocrystals Rare Metals 25( 2006)1183.
3.Quanshui Li, Chunling Liu, Zhengang Liu, and Qihuang Gong, Broadband optical limiting and two-photon absorption properties of colloidal GaAs nanocrystals, Opt. Express 13 (2005) 1833.
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6.Zhenwei Wang, Chunling Liu, Zhengang Liu, Hong Xiang, Zhi Li, Qihuang Gong, ¦Ð£­¦Ð interaction enhancement on the ultrafast third-order optical nonlinearity of carbon nanotubes/polymer composites Chem. Phys. Lett. 407(2005)5
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