Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameWenhao Niu Date of Birth1984.05.28   
Sex  DegreeMaster 
Place of BirthHenan  Professional TitleResearch Assistant 
Tel010-82547188  Administrative Title 
Fax010-82547188  E-mail 
Research Directions:Research and development of evaporative cooling transformer; Research of high voltage equipment and insulating materials.
Education and Work Experiences:Sep,2000-Jul,2004 Guilin University of Electronic Technoolgy, Electrical Engineering Bachelor Degree
Sep,2004-Jan,2007 Graduate University of Chinese academy of Science /Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese academy of Science, Electrical Engineering Master Degree
Feb,2007-Present, Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences
Publications:1. Wenhao Niu, Hui Guo, Guoqiang Zhang, Guobiao Gu. ¡°Preliminary Experimental Study of the Temperature Characteristics for a Cast Resin Transformer Model by Air cooling and Evaporative Cooling Technologies.¡± IEEE International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems, ICEMS 2006
2. Hui Guo, Xin Wang, Wenhao Niu, Guoqiang Zhang. ¡°The Relative Permittivity and the Dielectric Dissipation Factor Measurement of the Gas-Liquid Two Phase Flow and Gaseous Flow Insulating Medium under Different Pressures.¡± IEEE International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems, ICEMS 2007, OTP-01
3. Xin Wang£¬Wenhao Niu£¬Hui Guo£¬Guoqiang Zhang. ¡°A Study on AC Breakdown Voltage of Fluorocarbons in Two Phase Flow and Gaseous Mixtures¡±. IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference 2007