Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameLifang Wang Date of Birth   
SexFemale  DegreePh.D. 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleProfessor 
Tel86-10-82547090  Administrative TitleDirector of the center 
Other Title:Head of the national tenth-five year
863 electric vehicle special project office;
Member of the China-SAE
Research Directions:Vehicle electronics;
Vehicle communication and information system;
Electric vehicle and control technology;
Education and Work Experiences:July,1997: graduated from Vehicle engineering college, Jilin University of Technology;
After that she has been working in the Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS.
Projects:Following projects supported by national 863 plan:
1) Research on the network, bus and communication protocol of electrical vehicle
2) EMC research of the electric vehicle bus communication system
3) BMS for electrical vehicle research
4) Powertrain control system for HEV
Main Achievements:Until now, several projects supported by national 863 plan and the enterprise has been finished. Further research is going on.
1) In vehicle CAN bus communication technology, CAN protocol of electric vehicle was established. Some key technology on CAN bus, evaluation method, EMC capability etc. was being researched.
2) BMS has already been developed and tested on the vehicle.
3) Powertrain control system for HEV has been developed, which includes modeling and simulation to optimize the control strategy, hardware and software of the control system, test and verification.
Publications:Altogether more than 40 papers have been published. Following are the recent papers.
1 Wang Lifang Wu Zhenjun; Study on CAN Bus Electromagnetic Senstivity Applied in Electric Vehicle, EVS23£¬December£¬2007
2 Zhang Junxia£¬Wang Lifang£¬Liao Chenglin£»Real time characteristics analysis of the electric vehicle control network, Chinese High Technology Letters, 2007£¨6£©
3 YangLongshan£¬WangLifang The Study on Anti-jamming Capability of UTP Applied in Vehicle CAN Bus£¬2007 PIERS£¬March£¬2007
4 Xiao Mu£¬Wang Lifang£¬Package algorithm of LIN bus data, Low voltage device, 2007£¨3£©£»
5 Xiao Mu£¬Wang Lifang£¬Analysis of the LIN bus topology, computer engineering and application£¬2007£¨16£©
6 Wang Huan, Wang Lifang£¬Analysis of real-time performance in the TTCAN network£¬Chinese High Technology Letters, 2006(8)
7 Yang Longshan£¬ Wang Lifang£¬Research on the EMC capabilityof the STP Applied in Vehicle CAN Bus£¬Vehicle Technology(Chinese)£¬2006(12)
8 Wang Lifang etc. R&D of the vehicle CAN bus test platform. Chinese High Technology Letters, 2005(1)¡£