Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameGuoqiang Zhang Date of Birth   
SexMale  DegreePh.D 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleProfessor 
Tel86-10-82547188  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Innovative power generation, transmission and distribution technology
Projects:1. Fluorocarbons gas insulated evaporative cooling power transformers
2. Fault diagnosis technology and equipment of new power transmission and distribution apparatus using SF6 gas and fluorocarbon compound as insulation medium
3. Heat transferring system in urban underground substation
Main Achievements:1. National Electric Power Scientific and Technical Achievement in 2003.
2. Distinguished Individual Prize issued jointly by four ministries and commissions of Chinese central government in 2001 (the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Commission of Planning, the Ministry of Finance, and the Commission of Economic and Trade Administration)
3. National Scientific and Technical Achievement in 1999 (Certificate series no. 06-2-001-05).
4. Provincial Scientific and Technical Achievement in 1999 (Certificate series no. 993011-3).
5. Provincial Scientific and Technical Achievement in 1998 (Certificate series no. 981006-3).
6. Accepted Application of Chinese Patent: 24 Items
7. Authorized Chinese Patent: 3 Items
Publications:31 papers were already published at present, in which 18 papers were written in English, and most of them (11) were published on IEEE Transactions on Magnetics (or Applied Superconductivity).