Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameYan Xiong Date of BirthFeb. 1967   
SexFemale  DegreeJunior College 
Place of BirthHun Nan  Professional TitleEngineer 
Tel86-10-82547055  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Renewable energy power generation systems; Consult and training on renewable energy power generation
Education and Work Experiences:2006.03 Participate in Training Courses for PEA Teachers of KfW Sino-German Financial Cooperation Project, teaching on the system load evaluation, control and maintenance, and experiment£»
2005~now Participate in the counseling and research of RE£»
1999~2005 Participate in research and development of ¡°The analysis and measurement system of low field NMR¡±£¬this program has been qualified by technology bureau of CAS£»
1997~1999 Work in network center of institute, manage and protect the network system of IEE£»
1993~1996 Participate in research the model of DK7725L-¢ó NC EDM wire-cut machine, with the responsibility of debugging and inspecting the system software£»
1993.10 Participate in the research and development of ¡°ZK-1 Wire cut control system¡± which won the third prize of Science and Technology Progress Award issued by Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1993£»
1989~1993 Work in installation, maintenance and training user of wire-cut machine programmed system£»
1988 Participate in R&D of programmer and control system of new type wire-cut machine, which was qualified by Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1988£»
1987 Participate in a joint effort with Inner Mongolia 2nd Machine Factory on large-scale NC flame cutting machine which was qualified by CAS, and awarded as important research production£»
1987~1991 Employee University of Science and Technology£¬the Chinese Academy of Sciences£¬Application of computer£»
1985.08 work in Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences¡£
Projects:GTZ project ¡°Integrating Renewable Energy Education into National High Educational System¡±.
GTZ cooperation project ¡°Study on Related Standards and Regulations for Off-grid PV/Wind Power stations¡±.
World Bank project ¡±Design Assistance for China Renewable Energy Village Electrification Program ¡±
Inner Mongolia project ¡±Feasibility study on Solar Thermal Power Plant¡±
United States Energy Foundation project ¡±Proposal for accelerating the development of PV market in China ¡±
Publications:1. Chen Guangming, Zhang Yabin, XiongYan£¬¡°Survey on End-users Of PV/H Power Stations¡± , Solar Energy£¬April 2007, Vol. 4£»
2. Zhang Yabin, Chen Guangming, Xiong Yan, ¡°Survey on Operators Of PV/H Power Stations¡±, Solar Energy, March 2007, Vol. 4;
3. Xiong Yan, Ma Shenghong, The First ¡°Off-grid PV/Wind power teacher training¡± is open in IEE, CAS, Solar Energy, March 2007, Vol. 6;