Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameLingzhi Zhao Date of Birth   
SexFemale  DegreeMaster 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleAssistant Professor 
Tel  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:MHD technology, Multi-fields calculation and simulation
Education and Work Experiences:1999.9-2002.3 North China Electric University, Master of Engineering Majoring in Electrical Machines and Apparatus
2002.4-present: Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, Assistant Professor
Working in MHD Propulsion Technology Research Group
In Oct 1-15 2006, visited Tokyo Institute of Technology and started the youth¡¯s intercourse and cooperation of Sino-Japanese MHD Research Group
Projects:1¡¢ Fundamental Study on Reciprocating LMMHD Generator, Excellent Youth Project of IEECAS, 2007-2009
2¡¢ Effect of electromagnetic field on hemodynamics considering multi-factors, NSFC, 2009-2011
Main Achievements:1¡¢ Studying the cylindrical linear Halbach arrays mathematically and realizing the magnetization of random direction with axisymmetry.
2¡¢ Developing the joint program of Ansot and Fluent MHD model.
1¡¢ Ansoft Finite Element Analysis on Engineering Electromagnetic Field, Guoqiang Liu, Lingzhi Zhao Jiuya Jiang, Beijing: Publishing House of Electronic Industry, 2005 (in Chinese).
1¡¢ Design of Finite-element Program for Steady Characteristics of Turbogenerators, Zhao Lingzhi, Luo Yingli, Meng Liang, ect al, Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society, 2004, 19(3), pp.66-70 (in Chinese, EI).
2¡¢ Design study on a large force superconducting linear driver, Peng Yan, Zhao Lingzhi,, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, v17, n2, 2007, p1537-1540£¨EI¡¢SCI£©
3¡¢ Experimental Study on Alternating Current MHD Pump, Y. Peng, L.Z. Zhao, S.J. Song, C.W. Sha, R. Li, Y.Y. Xu, accepted by Journal of hydrodynamics, Ser. B.
1¡¢ Lingzhi Zhao,Yan Peng, Ciwen Sha, ect al, ¡°Swing LMMHD Generating Tube¡±, Invention, CN 200810116532.6 (in Chinese).
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