Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameRan Li Date of Birth1976.08   
SexFemale  Degreebachelor 
Place of BirthBeijing  Professional TitleEngineer 
Tel010-82547046  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Control Engineering
Education and Work Experiences:1994.9~1998.7 Beijing Institute of Machinery Industry
1998.7~ Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Projects:1.Research of methanol-based liquid fuel energy conversion
2.Liquid metal magnetic fluid wave energy generation
3.MHD Blood Pump
1¡¢ Control system design of superconducting linear driver for electromagnetic launch, LDIA 2005
2¡¢ Applications of Single-chip in monitoring system of fuel cell
3¡¢ Apermanent Magnet Linear Motor Drive System Based on the UC3637
1¡¢ ¡°Swing LMMHD Generating Tube¡±, Invention, CN 200810116532.6 (in Chinese).
2¡¢ ¡°Linear Magnetic Force Gear¡±, Invention, CN 200710178376.1 (in Chinese).
3¡¢ ¡°Cylinder Permanent Magnet Device¡±, Invention, CN 200610089394.8 (in Chinese).
4¡¢ ¡°LMMHD Generating Cell with Magnetic Force Transmission¡±, Invention, CN 200710177877.8 (in Chinese).
5¡¢ ¡°Tubular Permanent Magnet reducing viscosity and preventing wax device in oil-exploitation¡±, Invention, CN 200610089392.9 (in Chinese).
6¡¢ Tubular Permanent Magnet Eddy-current Heating Device in Oilwell¡±, Invention, CN 200610089393.3 (in Chinese).
7¡¢ ¡°Permanent Magnet Tubular Homopolar DC Linear Motor¡±, Invention, CN2005100865378.5 (in Chinese).
8¡¢ ¡°Opposite-poles Permanent Magnet ¡±, Invention, CN200510011687.X (in Chinese).
9¡¢ ¡°Rectangle Permanent Magnet ¡±, Utility, CN200420009046.1 (in Chinese).