Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameFengwu Bai Date of Birth   
SexMale  DegreeDoctor 
Place of BirthJilin  Professional TitleAssistant researcher 
Tel86-10-82547036  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Solar thermal use
Air receiver for solar thermal power plant
Research on heat transfer process with phase change
Numerical simulation of complicated flow-heat transfer problems
Meshless method
Heat transfer process in porous material
Thermal energy storage using concrete
Thermal energy storage design for solar thermal power plant
Mechanism research of thermal protection
Education and Work Experiences:July £¬2008¡ª¡ªnow
Laboratory of Solar Thermal Power Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences, assistant researcher May,2006¡ª¡ªJuly £¬2008
Laboratory of Solar Thermal Power Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences, post doctoral£»
China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp. Senior Engineer
September,2000¡ª¡ª September,2003
Candidate at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ,Ph.D. Engineering Thermophysics
September,1998¡ª¡ª September,2000
Harbin Institute of Technology. M.S. Engineering Thermophysics
September,1994¡ª¡ª September,1998
Northeast China Institute of Electric Power Engineering. B.S. Dynamical Engineering
Projects:1. Mechanism research of thermal energy storage using heat pige. Wangkuancheng foundation for post doctoral of CAS.£¨ongoing£©
2. Mechanism research of heat transfer in solar receiver using silicon carbide. Chinese postdoctoral foundation first level.£¨ongoing£©
3. Research of air receiver and system for solar thermal plant. 863 foundation for target of MOST£»£¨ongoing£©
Publications:[1] Fengwu Bai, Wen-Qaing Lu. The selection and assemblage of approximation functions and disposal of its singularity in axisymmetric DRBEM for heat transfer problems. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements£¬2004, 28£º955-965
[2] Bai F W, Lu W Q. Numerical analysis of laminar flow forced convection heat transfer in microencapsulated phase change material suspensions. Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer£¬2003, 10(3)£º311-322
[3] Wen-Qiang Lu, Fengwu Bai. The Specific Heat at Constant Pressure in the Latent Functionally Fluid with Microencapsulated Phase-Change Materials. Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer, 2002, 9£º39-46
[4] LU Wenqiang, BAI Fengwu. A new model for analyzing laminar forced convective enhanced heat transfer in latent functionally thermal fluid. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2004£¬49 (14):1457¡ª1463
[5] Fengwu Bai, Wen-Qiang Lu. Ehanced Heat Transfer Analysis of Latent Functionally Thermal Fluid. Heat Transfer£­Asian Research, 2004, 33(6)£º338-392
[6] Fengwu Bai, Zhifeng Wang, Xiao Liye. Numerical simulation of flow and heat transfer process of solid media thermal energy storage unit. ISES Solar World Congress 2007, Beijing, 2711-2715
[7] Fengwu Bai. Thermal energy storage of DAHAN. The 2nd international workshop on solar thermal power technology and system demonstration 2007,edited by Y.H.Kang,83-91
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[9] Chang C., Wang Z. F., Li X., Bai F. W .Jong- Kyu Kim, Yong-Heack Kang. Turbulent heat transfer in a molten salt receiver tube with uniform and none-uniform heat flux around circumference. Proceedings of 2007 Asian Symposium on Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow.2007£®Beijing,10.18~10.21.
[10] Wen-Qiang Lu, Fengwu Bai, Qingmei Fan,Wen Guo,Long Han. Numerical simulating for three kinds of phase-change heat transfer problem in two-phase flow. Computational Method in Multiphase Flow 2003,eds.A.A.Mammoli&C.A.Brebbia,WIT Press,127-136