Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameDongPing Xu Date of Birth   
SexMale  DegreeMaster 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleEngineer 
Tel  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Signal Testing and Control Technology
Education and Work Experiences:1997.9-2001.7 LIAONING Technology University
Department of Electrical Engineering
2002.9-2005.3 Beijing Institute of Technology
Automatic Control Center
2005.4-now Institute of Electrical Engineering CAS
Automobile Electronic Center.
Projects:Join and done the 863 projects ¡°CAN protocol used in electric auto¡± and ¡°emulation real time system about CAN network¡±;
Now take on the 863 project ¡°High power NiH batteries used in Hybrid vehicle¡±
Main Achievements:Designed and accomplished hardware of the NiH Battery Management Unit.