Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameDeping Fu Date of Birth   
SexMale  DegreeBachelor of engineering 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleSenior engineer 
Tel  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Large scale generator evaporative cooling technology research and experiments
Education and Work Experiences:1¡¢1974.9- 1977.7, Electric generator department of Shanghai machine college, major in electric generator study

2¡¢1977.8- now, Evaporative cooling research center of the institute of electric engineering of Chinese academy of Sciences.
Projects:1¡¢ Asynchronous high speed electric machinery advanced research and study.
2¡¢300MW evaporative cooling turbine generator research and study supported by the national 11th five year science supporting plan.
3¡¢New type inductive electric machinery for propulsion advanced study.
4¡¢National 7th five year plan 50MW evaporative cooling turbine generator advanced research
Main Achievements:1, In 1982, the hydro generator rotor temperature wireless touring telemetry system, won the second prize of the Chinese academy achievements award.

2, In 1991, KDW Gastritis Therapeutic Equipment, won the achievement award of Anhui province.
3, In 1995, 50KW evaporative cooling turbine generator, won the second prize of science research achievement of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
4, Obtaining of a number of patented research results, e.g. obtaining the patent for the interior evaporative cooling of the stator winding for turbine generator in 2006.
Publications:1. Fu Deping£¬Zhu Rongjian£®Operation of 50 MW turbo generator with evaporative cooling[J]£®Electrical Equipment£¬2001£¬2(3)£º32-34(in Chinese)£®
2. Guan Zheng£¬Gu Guobiao£¬Fu Deping£®Numerical simulation and experimentation for iner¡¡evaporative coling system of generator stators[J]£®Advanced Technology of Electrical Engineering and Energy£¬2002£¬21(1)£º23-25(in Chinese)£®
3. Fu Deping£¬Yu Kang£®The Evaporative cooling and circulating system in turbo-generator's stator winding [J]£®Electrical Equipment£¬2001£¬2(1)£º32-34(in Chinese)£®
4. Luan Ru£¬Fu Deping£¬Tang Longyao£®Study on 3D temperature¡¡distribution in new evaporative cooling asynchronous generator [J]£®Proceedings of the CSEE£¬2004£¬24(8)£»205-209(in Chinese)£®
5. Calculation of Temperature Distribution of Larger Evaporative Cooling Turbo-generator With Forced Inner Cooling System£¬Proceedings of the CSEE.
6. Study on Evaporative Cooling Technology for Power Electronic Devices£¬icems 2006
7. Experimental Research of the Large Capacity Power Electronic Devices by Evaporative Cooling Technology £¬icems 2006