Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameHaifeng Wang Date of Birth   
SexMale  Degree 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleAssociate Researcher 
Tel62636129  Administrative Title 
Education and Work Experiences:2001/9¡«2003/10: Northwestern Polytechnical University
Acquire Doctor degree on the major of electric machine
1998/9¡«2001/8: Northwestern Polytechnical University
Acquire Master degree on the major of mechanics electronics engineering
1984/9¡«1988/7 Hefei University of Technology
Acquire Bachelor Degree on the major of electric machine
preside the design and research of high speed electrical spindle and its driver, 12 kinds of electrical spindles have been designed and accomplished during these years. Especially the 90000rpm electrical spindle is the pioneer product in China.
In 1993, preside the design of the 90000rpm flow nipple abrade motor in the Factory of Bei Jing oil pump and flow nipple
In 1993, preside the design of the high speed motor for laser head cooling in Changchun Institute of optics, fine mechanics and physics
In 1994, take part in the design of 60000r/rim permanent magnet electrical spindle associating with Hefei University of Technology
In 1994, preside the Research and development of the 15kw IGBT transducer based on the PC control.

preside the research and development of the high speed permanent magnet generator and its control system
Research and develop the DC brushless motor and its control system.
Study in-depth on the torque pulsation minimization and driver without
speed sensor of the permanent magnet brushless motor
Ph.D. thesis ©‚The compensation techniques of torque pulsations in permanent magnet synchronous motor drives ©ƒ

Take part in the item of ¡°evaporating cooling asynchronous generator¡±
¡°The popularization and application of the steam turbine generator based on the evaporating cooling technology¡±
Study in-depth on the wind power generator based on the evaporating cooling technology
Study in-depth on the ship boost motor based on the evaporating cooling technology
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