Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


Names.zhang Date of Birth   
Sex  DegreeBs. 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleProf. 
Tel82547120  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:High Voltage Technology and Pulsed Power Technology
Education and Work Experiences:Received B.S. degree in physics from Chinese University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China, in
1964. From 1982 to 1984 ,as a visiting scholar worked at
The Lab of Pulsed Power and Plasma, Cornell U.,N.Y ,USA. From 1964 to now, research on high voltage Discharge in gases , liquids, solids about their
theories and applications .
Main Achievements:In 1990,awarded second prize of science and technology advance of Chinese Academy of Sciences; In 1996,awarded third prize of science and technology advance of Chinese People Liberation Army ; An invented patent; Published more than 70 papers in China and abroad.