Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NamePing Yan Date of Birth   
SexFemale  DegreePhD 
Place of Birth  Professional Titleprofessor 
Tel86-10-82547116  Administrative TitleDirector 
Research Directions:High voltage Engineering
Pulsed power and supply technology
Education and Work Experiences:Tsinghua University Beijing, China B.Eng. 1988
Akita University Akita, Japan Ph.D 2000
2001-resent IEE CAS Professor, the head of High Voltage Lab. Engaged in application research on discharge.
2000-2001 IEE CAS Associate Professor, Engaged in application in high voltage engineering and the properties of dielectric.
1996-2000 Akita University, Researcher, in Japan
1994-1996 IEE CAS Engineer in Electrical Engineering.
1988-1994 IEE CAS Assistant Engineer in Electrical Engineering
Projects:NSFC-2005 mechanism of the interacell electro-manipulation
NSFC-2006 Basic problem of Pulsed power Technology
NSFC-2007 Research on Dielectric wall accelerator
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