Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameZheng Wang Date of Birth1978.6   
SexMale  DegreeBachelor 
Place of BirthHenan  Professional TitleEngineer 
Tel86-10-82547170  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Magnet Design, Field Simulation, Mechanical design
Education and Work Experiences:2007- present, Group of Electromagnetic Imaging, Engineer;
2001-2007, Group of Electromagnetic Bioengineering, Engineer;
1997 ¨C 2001, Institute of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Northern Jiaotong University, Student.
Projects:The high technology research and development program of china under grant, 2006AA04Z249;
2005 ¡®0.35T MRI system¡¯ Jiaheng Medical Ltd..
Main Achievements:Design a 2.3 T Rotating Permanent Dipole Magnet for QA-Vacuum-birefringence;
Experiment on Decreasing Magnetic Moment of AMS-01Magnet system;
Design 1.5T magnet system for MR molecular imaging;
Design X-ray spectrograph magnet system of Lunar probe, for Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
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[3] Wenhui Yang, Huixian Wang, Zheng Wang ¡°Designing Digital Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectrometer Based on Sofrtware Radio Technique¡± CHINESE JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE Vol. 20, No.1, March 2003

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[1]Zengren Dong, Weidou Ni, Wenhui Yang, Zheng Wang ¡°Prototype Magnet Design for Magnetic Birefringence of Vacuum - Q&A Experiment¡± ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND ENERGY Vol.23, No.4, 2004