Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameWeidong Pan Date of Birth   
SexMale  DegreePh.D 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleAssociate research fellow 
Tel86-10-82547168  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Bioeffects of electromagnetic field and molecular mechanisms involved in magnetoreception
Education and Work Experiences:1985-1989 Xiamen University, Bachelor of major biology
1989-1998 Suburb Education Committee of Anqing City in Anhui Province
1998- 2003 Ph.D, Institute of Zoology, CAS
2003-2005 Post-doctoral, Institute of Botany, CAS
2005- Associate research fellow, Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS
Projects:1. Post-doctoral fellowships ¡°Using high throughput techniques to screen antimicrobial agents of plant resources¡±
2. National natural fund ¡°Study of magnetosome-based magnetorecepton in magnetotactic bacteria¡± (2007.1-2009.12)
Main Achievements:1. Developing a novel quantitative assessment for the activities of antimicrobial agents
2. Proposing the hypothesis of ¡°magnetorecepton¡± ---the smallest structural and functional unit in magnetosome-based magnetoreception system.
Publications:[1] Pan W.D., Liu X.H., Ge F., and Zheng T. Reconfirmation of antimicrobial activity in the coelomic fluid of the earthworm Eisenia fetida andrei by colorimetric assay. J. Biosciences, 2003, 28 (6), 723-731.
[2] Pan W.D., Liu X.H., and Ge F. Perinerin, a novel antimicrobial peptide purified from the clamworm Perinereis aibuhitensis Grube and partial characterization. J Biochem, 2004, 135 (3), 297-304.
[3] DONG G.J., Pan W.D., Zheng T., Liu X.H., and Liu G.S. Enhanced antibacterial activity in vitro discerned from damaged Chinese masson pine needles against clinical isolates by colorimetric assay. JIPB, 2006, 48(9), 1034-1046
[4] Dong G.J., Liu X.L., Chen Z.Y., Pan W.D., Li H.J., Liu G.S. The dynamics of tocopherol and the effect of high temperature in developing sunflower(Helianthus annuus L.) embryo. Food Chem, 2007,102(1),138-145.
[5] DONG G.J, PAN W.D., LIU G.S. The analysis of proteome changes in sunflower seeds induced by N+ implantation. J. Biosci,2006,31(2),247-253.
[6] Zhao L.Z, Yang W, Wang X.K, Pan W.D, and Song T. The influence of pulsed magnetic field on magnetotactic bacteria AMB-1. Abstracts for the bioelectromagnetics society 28th annual meeting. June 11-15, 2006, Cancun, Mexico. p129-131.