Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameYongYang Date of Birth   
Sex  DegreePH. D 
Place of Birth  Professional TitlePost Doctor 
Tel  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Applications of High-temperature Superconductor
Education and Work Experiences:1. September, 1997 - July, 2001, Lanzhou University. Major: Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Degree: Bachelor of Science.
2. September, 2001 ĘC December, 2007, Lanzhou University. Major: Solid mechanics. Degree: Doctor of Science.
3. November, 2007 - Present, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Key Lab of Applied Superconductivity, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China. Range of Study: Applied Superconductivity, Position Classification: Post Doctor.
Projects:A Study of Characteristics of Stress, Strain and Cracks in the Bulk High-temperature Superconductors under the Magnetic Fields
Main Achievements:The vertical and lateral forces are simulated. A set of analytic expressions of magnetic field distribution are derived, not only for one rectangular PM bulk, but also for rectangular PM bulks arranged by alternating north pole and south pole of the magnet.
The frozen-image method is modified. The exact solutions are obtained for the point magnetic dipole over a flat nonideal type-II superconductor using of the vertical and horizontal movement images. Comparing with the frozen-image method, our method can give the lateral force in zero field cooling and the hysteresis in the vertical and lateral forces. The two characteristics can not be obtained by the frozen-image method.
The finite element method and the current vector potential are adopted in the simulations. The numerical methods which can be used to deal with the electromagnetic field of HTS, static levitation characteristics are established. By comparing the numerical results with experimental data, the numerical methods are validated. The vertical and lateral forces, static magnetic stiffnesses are simulated.
Publications:1. X. F. Gou, Y. Yang, and X. J. Zheng, Analytic expression of magnetic field distribution of rectangular permanent magnets. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics 25 (3) (2004) 297-306
2. Y. Yang and X. J. Zheng. Method for solution of the interaction between superconductor and permanent magnet. J. Appl. Phys. 101 (2007) 113922
3. X. J. Zheng and Y. Yang, Transition cooling height of high-temperature superconductor levitation system. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 17 (4) (2007) 3862-3866
4. Y. Yang and X. J. Zheng. Effect of parameters of a high-temperature superconductor levitation system on the lateral force. Superconductor Science and Technology 21 (1) (2008) 015021