Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameLiye Xiao Date of Birth   
SexMale  DegreePh.D. 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleProfessor 
Tel86-10-82547007  Administrative TitleDirector of the Applied Superconductivity Laboratory and Director of the Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS 
Other Title:Vice chairman and general secretary of the professional committee on applied superconductivity in the Chinese Electrotechnics Society.
Specialist in the superconducting technology project consultant group of the national high-tech development (863) program.
Research Directions:Superconducting magnet technology, superconducting power science and technology, and high Tc Superconductor physics
Education and Work Experiences:September 1998---Present: Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS.
Nov.1998, Associate Professor
Dec. 1999, Professor
From April 1999, Director of Applied Superconductivity Laboratory
From May 2003, Deputy Director of IEE;
From June 2007, Director of IEE.
September 1997---April 1998: COE visiting scientist at Tsukuba Magnet Laboratory, National Research Institute for Metals, Tsukuba. The research work is the diode protection of the coils for the 1GHz NMR spectroscope.
October 1995---August 1997: Postdoctoral research associate at National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee, Florida. Research works include the stability analysis of magnets and the mechanical tests on the commercial HTS tapes, took part in the technology development on a new electronic stress-strain device which has been conferred US patent.
September 1990---September 1995: ME student and Ph.D. candidate at the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. Major in the design, stability analysis, protection and development on HTS magnet, took part in the R&D on current limiter and SMES, obtained ME in Feb. 1992 and Ph.D. in June 1995.
September 1989---July 1990: Graduate student at Department of Electronics, Graduate School, University of Science and Technology of China. Major in electronics and the application of I/O interface.
September 1985---July 1989: Undergraduate at Department of Electrical Engineering, Chongqing University, Chongqing. Major in power system and automation. Research work: Dynamic simulation of Guangxi power system network;
Projects:1. 2001-2006£º The Application Research of HTS fault current limiter: State 863 Plan (High Technology Development Plan, RMB 4.0M), The R&D Plan for High Technology of CAS ( RMB 4.5 M) and Beijing High Technology Plan (RMB 16M);
2. 2003-2007£ºThe Application Research of a new type Current-limiting SMES: National Science Foundation (RMB 1.0M), and State 863 Plan (High Technology Development Plan, RMB 0.5M)
3. 2002-2005£ºThe Application Research of HTS Power Transformer: State 863 Plan (High Technology Development Plan, RMB 1.0M)
4. 2002-2006£ºThe Application Research of HTS Power Cable: State 863 Plan (High Technology Development Plan, RMB 7.2M)
5. 2003-2008£ºThe Application Research of SMES: The R&D Plan for High Technology of CAS ( RMB 8.0 M);
6. 2007-2011£ºThe Research and Development of Superconducting technology for electrical application, support by the CAS International Collaboration Team Project ( RMB: 6M)
7. 2007-2011: The Superconducting power substation and dynamic simulation, supported by CAS High Technology Project (RMB: 2M);
8. 2007-2010: The Superconducting Power cable for Alumina Factory, (RMB: 25M)
Main Achievements:1. The theory of HTS superconducting Magnets: including the critical state model for the anisotropic high Tc superconductors, the stability criterion for HTS magnets, the self-protection method for the HTS magnets, and the effect of HTS on the intrinsic stability;
2. The Power application of HTS: as the group leader and program manager, fabricated the demonstrator of 75m, 3-phase 10.5kV/1.5kA power cable, and 3-phase 10.5kV/1.5kA FCL and 10.5kV/400V/630kVA high Tc power transformer, and these demonstrators hade been connected to the power grid; and a 1MJ/500kVA HTS SMES is being made and will be connected to the grid within 2007;
Awards:2002, Outstanding Youth Fund from the National Natural Science Fund Committee;
2007, One of the 10 outstanding youth title of year 2007 from Chinese Academy of Sciences
2007, enrolled in the national level ¡°New Century 100-1000-10000 Talent Project¡±
Scientific and technological progress Awards from Hunan province, Gansu province and China State Power Corp.
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