Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameXiaohang Li Date of Birth   
Sex  DegreePh. D. 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleAssociate professor 
Tel  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Basic problems in applied superconductivity, including the stability of superconducting materials, quench propagation, ac losses; stability and electromagnetic properties in superconducting coils and magnets, joints, PCS, etc.
Education and Work Experiences:1995, Ph.D student in Institute of Physics, CAS, 1996-1999 joint Ph. D. student in Max-Planck Institute of Solid Stated Research (MPI-FKF), graduated in 1999.
2000.2 -2000.7, Post doctor research in MPI-FKF.
2000.7-2002.7, Post doctor research in Peking University.
20002.7-now, Associate professor in IEE, CAS.
Projects:Principle and methods of superconductive jointing on MgB2 tapes, granted by NSFC, No. 50507019, taking charges;
Effects of high field on the growth and superconducting properties in MTG REBCO bulk material, main participant;
Synthesize of MgB2 at high fields, main participant;
Basic research on the electrical applications of MgB2;
Basic research on the MRI usages of MgB2; etc.
Main Achievements:In the recent 5 years, published 12 papers, including 4 SCI cited ones; applied 3 national invention patents, as the first inventor in 2 of them.
Publications:1、“High critical current joint of MgB2 tapes using Mg and B powder mixture as flux”, X H Li, L Y Ye, M J Jin, X J Du, Z S Gao, Z C Zhang, L Q Kong, X L Yang, L Y Xiao and Y W Ma, Supercond. Sci. Technol. 21 025017 (2008).
2、“Design and experimental demonstration of an MgB2 based 1.5 T MRI test magnet”, X.H. Li , X.J. Du, M. Qiu, Y.W. Ma, L.Y. Xiao, Physica C 463–465, 1338–1341, (2007)
3、“Numerical Evaluation for the Thermal Stability Profile in High Temperature Superconductive Coil Working with High Current Shock”, X. H. Li, J. Y. Wang, G. Chen, Y. Li and L. Y. Xiao,《低温物理学报》(Chinese J. of Low Temp. Phys.),28,77,2006.
4、“MgB2超导线圈的交流损耗仿真和实验研究”, 李晓航,张正臣,杜晓纪,张东,左振宇,肖立业,阎果,冯勇,第八届全国超导学术会,上海,2005.4.7 ,《低温物理学报》,27,973,2005.
5、“以高温超导体为基础的颗粒复合磁电阻器件”, 李晓航,李渝,罗锋,黄云辉,严纯华, 《低温物理学报》,25,304 (2003).