Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameXiong Zhang Date of Birth   
SexMale  DegreeDoctor 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleAssistant Researcher 
Tel  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Novel electrode materials for supercapacitors and lithium ions batteries
Education and Work Experiences:2003/09-2008/06 Beijing University of Chemical Technology, State Key Laboratory of Chemical Resource Engineering
Engineering Doctor, Applied Chemistry
1999/09-2003/06 Central South University,
Engineering Bachelor, Applied Chemistry
Projects:He has been involved as participant in research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Ministry of Science and Technology 863 Projects.
Main Achievements:He has published 9 papers in journals such as Journal of Power Sources, Journal of Crystal Growth and Chemistry Letters. He has submitted 3 Chinese patent applications, of which 1 have already been granted.
Publications:1. Xiong Zhang, Wensheng Yang, Junjiao Yang, David G. Evans. Synthesis and characterization of -MnO2 nanowires: Self-assembly and phase transformation to -MnO2 microcrystals. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2008, 310: 716-722.
2. Xiong Zhang, Yi Wang, Xu Chen, Wensheng Yang. Fabrication and characterization of a novel inorganic MnO2/LDHs multilayer thin film via a layer-by-layer self-assembly method. Materials Letters. 2008, 62: 1613-1616.
3. Xiong Zhang, Liyan Ji, Shichao Zhang, Wensheng Yang. Synthesis of a novel polyaniline-intercalated layered manganese oxide nanocomposite as electrode material for electrochemical capacitor. Journal of Power Sources. 2007, 137: 1017-1023.
4. Xiong Zhang, Wensheng Yang. Electrophoretic deposition of a thick film of layered manganese oxide. Chemistry Letters. 2007, 36: 1228-1229.
5. Xiong Zhang, Wensheng Yang, David G. Evans. Layer-by-layer self-assembly of manganese oxide nanosheets/polyethylenimine multilayer films as electrodes for supercapacitors. Journal of Power Sources. doi:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2008.01.021.