Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


NameHongwei Diao Date of Birth   
SexMale  DegreeB.E. 
Place of Birth  Professional TitleEngineer 
Tel010-82547043  Administrative Title 
Research Directions:Si-based thin film solar cells and equipments
Education and Work Experiences:1986-2007 Institute of Semiconductors, CAS.
2007- Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS.
I am engaged in silicon thin film solar cells and equipments for a long period and have joined in a lot of solar cell research programs: a-Si:H solar cell 11.19%(1990), microcrystalline silicon solar cell 7.2%(2005), HIT solar cell on monocrystalline wafer by PECVD 15.5% (2006)£¬HIT cell on multicrystalline wafer by PECVD 15£¥(2008).
Projects:Member of the following projects:
1£®Small size a-Si:H solar cell with high efficiency
2£®Study on the light induced degradation of a-Si:H
3£®Study on the linear array of a-Si:H photo sensors
4£®Study on high efficiency GaAs solar cells used in the space
5£®Study on the chemical annealing to improve the stability of a-Si:H
6£®Study on the quantum confined effect of nc-Si and its device application
7£®Study on a-Si:H/¦Ìc-Si tandem solar cells£¨10£¥£©
8£®Study on silicon nanowires
9£®HIT solar cells 15.5£¥£©¡£
10£®Study on the hydrogen generation via solar energy (6.2%)
11£®Study on the mechanism of the a-Si:H degradation and the growth of stable Si-based thin film with high growth rate.
12£®Study on the microstructure of nc-Si thin films
Main Achievements:Two patents:
Nos. 1ZL200420009993.0, CN200710176718.6