Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


Applied Superconductivity

The research activities of this department emphasize on applied superconductivity,such as superconducting power technology, high field magnet technology and related application to medical sciencs and scientific instrumentation,communication technology.At present,this department focuses itself on characterization of high Tc superconductors,large-scale application of superconductors,compatibility between superconducting power equipments and the power grids,high field magnet and its application in space science,material sciences and biomedicine.
Superconducting Power Science and Technology
This center focuses itself on the field of superconducting power technology.Currently,the research activities include the RD of high Tc superconducting (HTS) cable,HTS fault current limiter ,superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES),HTS power transformer, superconducting power generator,superconducting motor,and the compatibility between the aforesaid power equipments and the power grids .
Since 1998we achieved a lot in superconducting power cable,fault current limiter and power transformer.The first HTS cable in China was developed in 2000. demonstrator of new type HTS fault current limiter was competed in 2001.Presently,the development of a 75m AC HTS power cable and a 630kVA HTS power transformer are under way.

Superconducting Magnet Technology and high Magnetic Field Applications
Since 1970s, IEECAS has studied the high magnetic field superconducting magnet technology and applications.It has successfully developed the hybrid NbTi-Nb Sn high field superconducting magnet system with the center magnetic field of 14T,saddle-type superconducting magnet system with the center magnetic field of 4T and the room temperature bore of 0.44m,superconducting magnet system with the effective magnetic field of 1.5T and homogeneity of 5x10 used in the astronomical telescope, superconducting separator system with the center magnetic field of 4T and effective bore of 0.5m for the kaolin clay industry,300kw superconducting homopolar machine,MRI superconducting magnet and magnet surgery system for medical applications,200-300MHz NMR magnet system for scientific research,5 and 10T conduction-cooled superconducting magnet system for the material processing.We also designed and fabricated some custom magnets for the applications in industry.The achievements have won many scientific and technological progress awards issued by the state,CAS and the ministries,At present, We are studying high magnetic field superconducting magnet technology and devices used in exploration of space antimatter,metal material processing,industry and magnetic resonance technology for the medical application.