Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


Modern Electrical Drive

Research Department of Modern Electrical Drive is engaged in studying modern electrical drive and control technology required by new transportation vehicles and special means of delivery and exploring the principles of highly efficient electrical drive. At present, the research areas mainly cover the electrical drive technology of electric vehicle, high-power drive power supply technology,  magnetic levitation technology and electrical magnetic propulsion technology of vessels.

The Electrical Drive Technology of Electric Vehicle
Electric machine and its control is a major field that continues to develop since the foundation of IEE. During the period of the 9th Five-Year Plan, in order to meet the need of the country to develop green transportation, the center  did research on the electrical drive technology for electric vehicle in a timely manner. It carried out important projects of State Ministry of Science and Technology and CAS, which were designed to solve the key scientific and technological problems. The efforts were rewarded with great achievements. Cooperating with Dong Feng Auto corporation, it successfully developed electric concept  car and environment-friendly electric mini-bus. Cooperating with Dalian Chemistry and Physics Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Dong Feng Auto Group, it successfully developed the first fuel-cell electrical car with independent intellectual property right in China. Meanwhile, it has set up one of the most important labs for research and development of electrical system for electric car. In the center, there are experiment platforms for such systems as permanent magnetic sync motor, AC async motor and DC-DC convertor,  large-scale computer  software,  such  as  those of motor design, electromagnetic field analysis, circuit  design,  circuit analysis and relevant experiment facilities. At present on the basis of projects of electrical bus, hybrid bus and fuel-cell cars, it is doing research on AC async motor and its vector control system, permanent magnetic  motor and its control system,   electrical system integration and DC-DC convertor.

Magnetic Levitation Technology
Magnetic levitation and linear drives are new electric engineering technologies that are developed quickly in recent years. Since 1970s, IEECAS has commenced on research of these technologies. It has successfully developed linear asynchronous motor used for the simulation experiment of aerospace vehicle that can operate at 65km/h. It also cooperated with German partners to build a small sized, high critical-temperature superconducting magnetic levitation train model. The center is mainly engaged in research on modern technology and application of power electronics conversion, advanced  motor-controlling  strategies, and  newstructured motor and  its control. At  present,  in accordance with  the  needs  of  the  state  for  magnetic levitation train technology, the center is doing research on technologies of highvoltage and high-power power electronics inverter and drive, high-voltage and high-power motor drive, the propulsion control of long  stator linear motor on  magnetic  levitation  train.  In responding to national deffence and military demands, it is also studying electrical power supply with ultra-low frequency, meidium frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency  and the motor system with high speed, and high energy density.