Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences


Renewable energy generation Research and Development Center
Research Department of Power Electronics and Modern Electrical Drive
Research Department of Modern Electrical Drive has been engaged in researching the modern electrical drive and control technology to develop new transportation vehicles, and exploring the principles of highly efficient electrical drive. At present, the research areas mainly covers the electrical drive technology of electric vehicle, propulsion and control technology of maglev and linear drive system, high-power power supply technology, and electronic control technology of automobile.
The new power equipment technology research department
The new power equipment technology research department devotes in carrying on the research and promotion of applications of the key technologies, which are required by large electrical equipments and other power equipments and mainly in evaporative cooling technologies. The main research directions ...... Detail Info >>
Department of Advanced Technology of Electric Power System

This department mainly focuses on the research of the advanced technology of electric power system. Its main task is to explore the new scientific and technical issues of electric power system, and to facilitate the application of new products and new technology in our country’s electric power system. Research fields include distributed power generation system and micro grid, advanced energy storage system and its application in electric power system, and custom power, etc.

Department of Science and Technology of Extreme Electromagnetic Environment
The research department of science and technology of extreme electromagnetic environment is mainly engaged in the generation, regularity, and application of unconventional electromagnetic environment. The investigated subjects include high voltage, high current and high-power electromagnetic pulse, ...... Detail Info >>
Key Laboratory of Applied Superconductivity
Key Laboratory of Applied Superconductivity is currently the only institution working on the cross-disciplinary researches of superconductivity in China. It was founded in 1970. The lab dedicates itself to the basic and key technological researches on the power electric and high magnetic field appl ...... Detail Info >>
Research Department of Biomedical Engineering
ResearchDepartmentof Biomedical Engineering is designed to research on and solve the bio-electrical and biomagneticengineering problems in the field of biology and medicine with the aid of electrical engineering principles and methods. Its main task is to explore the relationship between the bioelectromagnetic informations and the biological processes of the living organisms, especially human beings, and research on and develop the related medical devices and life science devices.
Micro-nano Fabrication Technology Department

The department mainly studies fabrication technology in micro and nano scale, developing the technology with independent intellectual property rights, providing the strategic technological base for the research and development of the ultra-precise equipment in China, and probing the application of micro-nano fabrication technology in micro electromechanical system and life science instrument. The main research areas cover nano electron-beam lithography, micro electromechanical system, life science instruments and scanning probe microscope.

Department of the Frontiers in Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering is one of the technical sciences with long history which has been contributing greatly to national economy. Its extensive intersection and cooperation with other disciplines, such as life science, material science, nanotechnology and information technology, leads to a variety ...... Detail Info >>