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  High voltage and pulsed power technology is an important subject in the Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS. The pulsed power & supply technology group secularly undertakes the research on high voltage and insulation technology, pulsed power modulating technology. A great lot of applied foundation study has been done on insulation material characteristics in extreme electromagnetic environment, development of new-type insulation structure and materials, plasma discharge mechanism and application, bio-effect and mechanics in electromagnetic field, lightning protection and inspection, electromagnetic compatibility, transient electromagnetic measurement, simulation on multi-field coupling and complex electromagnetic energy conversion, high-voltage high power special type supply technology. It has cultivated a group of experienced research personnel and their specialties cover the fields of high voltage and insulation, pulsed power, coacervation state physics, electric power and electronics, automation, etc. It also achieved a lot of important production in electric spark seismic prospecting source, nondestructive detection,hydro-electric cleaning, magnet pulsed power supply, direct current switching, simulation study on insulation and tripping operation of electric transmitting lines. Now on support of national nature science foundation, national 863 programs, and originality innovation engineering of CAS, it has been laying research emphasis on new concept accelerator, high power electromagnetic energy conversion, high power repetitive frequency switch, high-frequency high voltage supply, high current sliding electrical contact theory, dielectric insulation characteristics, and dielectric barrier discharge mechanism.