Institute of Electrical Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences

Department of Science and Technology of Extreme Electromagnetic Environment

      The research department of science and technology of extreme electromagnetic environment is mainly engaged in the generation, regularity, and application of unconventional electromagnetic environment. The investigated subjects include high voltage, high current and high-power electromagnetic pulse, etc. The department consists of pulsed power & power supply technology group, electromagnetic launch technology center, high-voltage testing center, and inspection station of lightning protection system of structures. The pulsed power & power supply technology group mostly undertakes the research on high voltage, pulsed power, and their applications. Its study contents include dielectric insulation, discharge mechanism and application, dielectric wall accelerator, pulsed power cell parts and integration technology, power supply technology, lightning protection and inspection, bio-effect in electric field. The electromagnetic launch technology center is the base of electromagnetic launch domain in the institute of electrical engineering and mainly researches high current propulsion technology and its application. High-voltage testing center holds diversiform high voltage and pulsed power equipments. It is an important base to do scientific experiments. The inspection station of structure lightning protection system takes charge of lightning protection consultation and safety inspection of structure lightning protection system of CAS in Beijing.