The Consult & Training Center of Renewable Energy Power has diverse experience in the areas of policy study,consultation service and training of renewable energy power, which includes:

1. Research on renewable energy power policy and planning for consultation service to national and local administrative departments. The center has finished more than ten reports on policy research and national strategic development in last years, such as “The 11th five year plan for China PV development”, “Proposal on Having Renewable Energy Education to be Included into National Education System”, “Pre-feasibility study of 8MW Grid Connected PV Power System in Dunhuang”, “Proposal for Renewable Energy Rural Power Development”, etc., and the reports has been submitted to administrative departments of the national government The ongoing research projects are “Design Assistance for China Renewable Energy Village Electrification Program” for NDRC/World Bank and others.

2. Activities on sustainable renewable energy power training: The center has qualifications of ISPQ International Standard. Many training sessions have been held on PV power and wind power, such as training of more than 160 provincial trainers for the implementation of “Township Electrification Project” and succeeding projects. Since 2007, the center has built strategic cooperation with China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center, Ministry of Labor and Social Security to train trainers on off-grid PV and wind power. The training class combines the theoretical lessens with experiments, and awards qualified students with Professional Training Certificate from China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center. In doing so, we still actively cooperate in various ways with international renewable energy training institutions.

3. Consultant service of advanced renewable energy power technologies for domestic and international companies and institutions. Since 2002, the center has provided consultant service for “Sino-German financial cooperation project—solar village in west China”. In this project, about 160 village PV systems will be built to provide energy supply for about 10,000 households, and the project will be ended in 2009. Another two projects “Weihai Solar City —Feasibility study on 20MW PV Power for PhaseⅠ” and “Feasibility study on 50MW solar thermal power plant in Inner Mongolia” will be carried out in 2008.

In 2007, the Consult & Training Center of Renewable Energy Power has 9 employees, and the head of the center is Professor Ma Shenghong. There are 4 postgraduates as well in the center.

Prof.Ma Shenghong presented “Rural RE Power Development of China” on International RE Conference Bonn